The beauty spring

The Caramance spring is situated in the heart of the Natural Regional Park of Haut Languedoc in France where nature is still uncontaminated.

Caramance water is pure, light and hypotonic. It has a minimum mineral content and is lime and nitrate free, properties which make it ideal for intercellular exchange and the natural elimination of toxins.

It leaves no residue on the skin, facilitates hydration of the epidermis, naturally brightens and cleanses the face. It protects skin from daily aggressions, reddening, pollution and irritations.

It is taken directly from the spring, and maintains its organoleptic qualities intact, making it unique.

Caramance is the result of a long process of metamorphosis. The rain which penetrates the subsoil of Haut Languedoc is first filtered through the crystalline rock, before it meets carbon dioxide in-depth which, through a chemical-physical process, returns it to the surface with a unique mineral profile.


  • France
  • Poland
  • South Korea
  • Hong Kong
  • Use
  • Canada
  • Taiwan
  • Russia
  • cinchona
  • Estonia
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